1. Sunday night we met up with friends for a bite to eat, and we tried out the Peasantry on Clark street. Thank you Megan for the warm review. The menu is described as elevated street food. They have a variety of unique options: frog legs, beef and bone marrow burger & grilled octopus. What did we enjoy? The duck wings, the chicken and corn pancake gyro, mussel bake, pickled cauliflower flatbread and the brussel sprout salad. We enjoyed them all & not a morsel was left on a plate. Better yet, the budget friendly prices. Go check it out.

    The Peasantry, 2723 N Clark, Chicago, IL

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  2. gasp-shock said: Hurrah! Love that you loved it. Did you meet Frank? I just found out he has a Michelin star, which is obviously awesome.
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  6. kaylabirdzzz said: imma gonna need some of that mussel bake
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