1. Favorite moments from the fourth part 2

    On the actual fourth of July we spent the day at the beach. The only way to cool off was to dip my feet in the lake. It was holy hot in the Midwest! I don’t think I deal well with extreme heat. I felt the urge to just collapse on the floor of every air conditioned building I walked in. And at one point, I felt so hot, I truly believed I was losing my vision. Is that a thing? I know if you eat too much you can lose your hearing. At the end of the week we spent some time celebrating with Ryan’s family. We got to catch up with our cousin, Kyle, who was visiting the Midwest. We had a late night out in Milwaukee with our brother & sister at Hotel Foster, a cool bar on the east side. We ended the weekend with a fun, family filled day trip to Summerfest. Have you been? It’s supposedly the world’s biggest music festival. It’s definitely my second favorite summer festival behind Bratfest in Madison. Oh man, I  just can’t soak up enough of summer.

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  15. wishingitwassummer said: It was so hot here on the 4th! I am happy to hear you enjoyed your WI time anyways! I love WI in the Summer.
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