1. We sat around the camp fire last Saturday night just shooting the shit. We were talking about life & work & catching up. We started to reminisce about when my sister & I were growing up. We talked about camp. We used to spend just about half the summer at  camp. We talked about the activities & going with friends & staying in the different bunks. From summer camp we talked about these weekends we used to go on with our dad, father/daughter camp. We’d go away on these weekends in fall. Our dads would have to try to braid our hair, we’d pretend shave our dad’s faces & do other random activities. We’d canoe out to Slippery Rock & stop for fast food on the way home. This one time we saw a porcupine walking across the road. Then we got to talking about how my parents used to go camping on Mackinac Island. They’d ramble back to the campsite all rowdy at 2 in the morning. They’d get the entire campsite all riled & upset. When I hear stories like that, I beg for more. I love to think about my parents before we came along because I think they like to talk about it. I want to hear what they were like because I know we’d have been friends.

    Somehow with all that sharing we got to other stories; we talked about road trips, trips up north, holidays & the little memories. The ones that aren’t significant to anyone else, but us. The kind of memories we all have. The stupid insignificant, most significant memories you have. The fragments of all the everyday moments that have made up our past. The fragments that don’t mean much until you’re sitting around a campfire with your family piecing all your stories together & they make the whole. The fragments that remind you of what a little mess you used to be, a happy, crazy, quirky, funny mess. The fragments that make up that scar on your knee and the chip on your tooth. The fragments that make you feel so good to know that other people are holding on to them too & have also packed them away in their hearts. I sat there in the dark, staring at the fire, listening to us talk & laugh. I soaked it all in & I loved that campfire.

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